Compass Test set for ninth grade
Ken McLemore, Hope Public Schools
Thursday, February 04, 2016

HOPE – The first sessions of a test designed to essentially chart the course for Hope High School ninth grade students seeking to take concurrent college classes at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana are to be administered Friday.

UAHT Career Coach/Career Development Facilitator Brittany Holleman said two groups of ninth grade students will take the Compass Test on Friday; four groups will test on Monday, Feb. 8; and, three groups will test on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

“The testing is for the purpose of giving freshmen the opportunity to qualify to take concurrent credit courses starting their tenth grade year next year,” Holleman said.

She said the test is divided into three sections of reading, writing and math.

“The test is not timed but the students will be allowed one hour and 15 minutes in order to make sure they can return to school on time since they will be taking the test on UAHT’s campus,” she said.

The two-year college offers an orientation and study guide for the test under the “Testing Center” button on its website online.

Tips for taking the test are also offered, including:

--The test is designed to help students determine which courses are most appropriate for each student; it is strictly for placement purposes, and is not a pass or fail test.

--Use common sense in getting enough sleep and eating properly before test day.

--Take time to understand test directions before beginning; and, ask questions if needed.

--Read each question carefully and be certain to understand what is required before answering.

--Ask for help from proctors or test administrators with problems arising during testing that are not related to answering specific test questions.

Holleman also reminded students who are interested in retesting to contact her at 870-796-0397.