Students put Black History on air
Ken McLemore, Hope Public Schools
Friday, February 26, 2016

HOPE – Black History Month has been on the air in Hope and Southwest Arkansas this month thanks to the students in the Clinton Primary School GT program.

Under the direction of GT teacher Alvis Conway, 21 of her students at CPS recorded “Black History Moments” from research done in the class for broadcast on KXAR in Hope and KHOA-LP, Hope throughout the month.

“They pick three or four points from the research for their individual taping,” Conway said.

The one-minute recordings present biographical information from the lives of important Black figures in American history. Each segment is closed with the student introducing himself or herself and announcing that, “This has been a Black History Moment.”

Conway said the project offers the students an opportunity to actively participate in Black History Month while learning about public speaking. The pre-recorded segments have been played on each local radio station at different times during the day.

Students participating in the project were Eva Davis, Tara Henry, Bethany White, Edward Chook, Aubrey Hart, Trent Hart, Branden Lowe, Camden Green, Justis Prater, Jasmine Griffin, Liberty Leathers, Priscilla Moreno, Jamesha Sorrells, Tatiana Flenory, Amber Cisneros, Isaac Love, Kaden Brown, Graci Helmick, Destinee Dickson, and Cayden Helmick.