BHE's 1st Annual Lip Sync Show
BHE's 1st Annual Lip Sync Show
Participation Form can be found under Documents
Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Beryl Henry’s

1st Annual Lip Sync 2016

Get ready for Lip Sync, a popular new event at Beryl Henry Elementary.
5th and 6th grade students are invited to participate In a show where they lip sync to a song of their choice. The students put together their own group, songs, and costumes to coordinate their dance moves.

This year's lip sync will take place on Thursday, March 31st, at 5:30 in the BHE cafeteria. We will have a dress rehearsal on Tuesday, March 29th.

A registration form / permission slip is attached. One member from the group must return all permission slips from each member of the group along with your CD and lyrics no later than Friday, March 11th. Please see attached rules and regulations to guide you as you start forming your group and brainstorm your ideas. Keep in mind lip sync is for fun and not a competition. Have fun working together.

BHE Lip Sync Rules & Regulations

  1. Songs must not exceed 3 minutes. Any songs longer than 3 minutes will

    be returned.

  2. All music must be supplied on a CD. Please label music with your name &

    song title.

  3. Song lyrics must be provided. NO abusive or suggestive language will be

    permitted. Parents, please review the lyrics to your child’s song before it is submitted. Any lyrics that are not appropriate will not be accepted.

  4. Students are required to wear their costume for dress rehearsal on Tuesday, March 29th. Costumes are expected to be age appropriate and no suggestive dance movements are allowed.
  5. No duplicate songs will be allowed. Songs are accepted on a first come­first serve basis. If you submit a song that is a duplicate, you will be notified and can submit another song.
  6. Deadline to submit your participation form is March 11th.
  7. Have fun!