HPD to monitor 18th Street parking
HPD to monitor 18th Street parking
Ken McLemore, Hope Public Schools
Wednesday, October 04, 2017

HOPE – The Hope Police Department will follow city policy and ordinances in enforcement of “No Parking” zones along the 18th Street side of the Hope High School campus.

HPD Chief J. R. Wilson said HPD policy has not changed with regard to violations of “no parking” designations.

“As in the past, enforcement action in areas posted ‘No Parking’ is a discretionary matter for the Officer addressing the call for service, if received, or in deciding to address a matter based on personal observation,” Chief Wilson said in a statement to the Hope Public Schools.

Wilson said HPD officers typically warn motorists to move their vehicles when they encounter them parked in designated “no parking” areas along 18th Street.

“Egregious and repetitive violations could result in a citation,” he said.

However, Wilson said HPD does not enforce “no parking” designations not approved through the office of City Manager Catherine Cook. He said there is no “formal parking policy per se,” and enforcement depends largely upon typical procedure and custom.

“Under state law, unattended, inoperative or disabled vehicles that are within three feet of a public way and appear to create an immediate and substantial hazard may be immediately towed,” Wilson said. “If they are three feet or more from a public way and appear to create a hazard the vehicle may be stickered to be removed within 24 hours if not moved by the owner after this period of time.”

He said most parking complaints are addressed based on a call for service to the HPD as opposed to HPD officers initiating action, and the HPD attempts to manage parking complaints by consent and agreement of the violator where possible.