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Ken McLemore
Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Beryl Henry Elementary School

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September 25-29


Students completed their google form project.  The students honed their research skills and continued to get comfortable using a computer.  They learned about what computer coding is and are very excited to start coding next week.


Watkins...Students have been exploring the historic tribes and comparing the cultures.  We also have been learning about the US Constitution by taking a closer look at the Preamble. 🤔 They are having some interesting questions on this topic.  Students are working towards using the Fab. 4 words in their discussion and writing.😀


Well, last week we performed a  Reader's Theater.  The students enjoyed practicing their pacing and voice inflections while reading.  Some students took their roles more serious than others but they presented their parts well.  The reading was Give Me Liberty or Give me Death. My students are reading their AR books, and I have at least 16 students that are working very hard to reach their first AR goal.  Started Unit 2 this week, focusing on sequencing and the importance of text features.  Reading response journals are giving students a way to express their learning for the day and some days it even surprises me what they take away from the lessons.


The fifth grade choir is sounding great, and 6th grade choir is improving. Three new members have joined the 6th grade choir and one young lady has a great voice. She's a welcome addition to the choir. Fifth graders have begun to learn an app that will help them learn how to read musical notation. I have several students who are very helpful with keeping materials and supplies organized--something Ms. Jones needs a LOT of help doing. More to come!


In Mr. Pruitt's Science class students have been learning about chemical changes, several demonstration were performed.  One of the chemical reactions was an investigation called elephant toothpaste.  My homeroom has been busy attaching the different parts of the robot together.

GILBERT:  My students are learning so much in Math.  They are learning how to use a tape diagram, ratio table, double number line, and an equation to solve ratio problems.  

WILLIAMS:  My students are conducting guided reviews of websites and answering questions in Google Classroom in both science (energy in systems)  and social studies (the ancient Egyptians, the Maya, and the ancient Chinese).  The discussions based on these exercises are helping them gain even more knowledge.


In Mrs. Lard’s classroom, students have accepted the challenge to work hard to learn to use Reciprocal Teaching in order to  become better readers and writers. They are learning to become THE TEACHER  in small group reading sessions, using the following strategies:  predicting, generating questions, clarifying, and summarizing. My objective for this school year is for students to be able to use these reading comprehension strategies independently.  Several students have taken AR TESTS and are on their second AR book. They are looking forward to the Surprise for the one with the most points at the end of the 9 week period.  SAM, the Robot will be complete by the deadline. Students have the fine tooth things done, ready to start putting it together, if they can AGREE as a team.  Lots of I’s. Two Great Character Kids this week.  Look for their names in BHE news from the counselor.  


Last week, students reviewed nonfiction text features as a way to connect with the Literacy classrooms and improve comprehension while reading nonfiction text. In fifth grade,  Mr. Pruitt’s class had the highest number of students with passing scores on their quiz. In sixth grade, Miss Collins’ class had the highest number of students to pass the quiz.