All-Star win highlight for Dominguez
Ken McLemore, Hope Public Schools
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

HOPE – Simply being chosen for the Arkansas High School Coaches Association East-West All-Star Games is a resume builder for any high school athlete; but, contributing in the game play is a high school highlight for Hope High School soccer standout Ricardo Domingeuz.

With 26 goals scored on the season and six assists for the Bobcats, Dominguez got prime game time during the June 22 game at the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway.

“The game went great for me,” Dominguez said. “I was on the ‘A’ team and one of the favorite players as a forward and right winger.”

He said capturing a starting spot on the West All-Star Team wasn’t easy.

“But, coaches, at the end, had me in and as a favorite,” Dominguez said.

The high point of the game for him?

“Starting the play for the first goal for the West, which would tie us up at 1-1,” Dominguez said. “We controlled the rest of the game, having possession of the ball and creating danger, sooner or later the goal was going to come for us.”

That opportunity came late in the game.

“Having a few minutes left on the clock, one of my teammates scored the 2-1, giving us the win,” Dominguez said. “The West has won three consecutive times over the three years; and, I’m proud to say I helped and was a major part of the West-All Star Team.”

Dominguez said he might have played the entire game were it not for a muscle cramp.

“The only reason I was subbed out, with eight minutes left on the close, was because of a muscle cramp,” he said. “It was caused by the amount of running and the heat. Besides that, I loved the game and how I was treated.”

Dominguez said he hopes that his contributions help all-star coaches notice the quality of the HHS soccer program.

A graduating senior, Dominguez plans to study in the career technical program at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana this fall.