Strive for 5 logo winners named
Ken McLemore
Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beryl Henry Elementary School students Jesse Ohmart, left, a fifth grader in Kimberly Green’s class, and Michael Hermanitt, a sixth grader in Deanna Davis’ class, were the grade level winners in the “Strive for Five” logo art contest at BHE. Ohmart’s design was selected as the overall winner for its simple, direct and positive appeal. BHE Principal Dr. Roy Turner presented the winners with certificates and each student received a “clothes pass” for a day to dress in non-uniform clothing at school. Ohmart’s design will become the official “Strive for Five” logo for BHE and will be reproduced on posters for display throughout the campus. “Strive for Five” is an initiative of the Hope Public Schools to promote better attendance across the district through awareness and incentives for success. – Ken McLemore/Hope Public Schools