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HOPE – Hope Public Schools students will return to class Aug. 16 with COVID-19 protocols in place including a requirement to wear a face mask on school buses.

“We will still implement some of the same as last year by disinfecting the buses after each route, supplying hand sanitizer and masks on the buses; and, overall, providing a safe and healthy environment for both our students and drivers,” HPS Transportation/Facilities Director Maurice Henry said.

Henry asked parents of HPS students for their support.

“We’d like to urge parents to help us with encouraging their children to wear masks to keep them healthy,” he said. “We will provide the social distancing when possible.”

The Hope Public Schools Board of Education has authorized HPS Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Crossley to implement COVID-19 safety measures such as the use of face masks on all HPS campuses, in school facilities and on school buses.

Riding the bus rules include:

1.     At the bus stop: Social distancing; each rider encouraged to wear a face mask.

2.     At the bus door: Use hand sanitizer provided before boarding.

3.     Go to your seat:

>Take the open seat in rear of bus farthest from the front door.

>The Bus Driver will eventually assign seats for the year.

>The seating chart for your bus will be followed all year.

>New riders will be assigned seats as “practical and feasible.”

      4. While riding the bus:

            >If using a face mask, wear it the entire time.

            >Keep your hands to yourself.

            >Practice social distancing by staying in your assigned seat.

       5. Arrive at school:

            >Bus unloads one seat at a time from the front.

            >Stay in your assigned seat until your turn to get off the bus.

            >If using a face mask wear it while getting off the bus.

            >Go from the bus to your assigned building entrance.

        6. Returning home: Follow rules 1-5 to go home.