AMI materials available for CATS students

CATS students have been given AMI work which was to be completed prior to March 30, CATS Principal Cleytus Coulter said.

“Our staff did provide additional days of support,” Coulter said. “The packets included directions, additional resources and work to be completed.”

Students in the CATS program generally receive online instruction, she said.

“Each class has an online instructor that is constantly making contact with the students and parents,” she said. “Students in grades two through eight will use the online Moby Max program as part of their daily instruction.”

CATS teachers also have access to online conferencing software which allows them to speak directly to students and parents, she said.

“Creative Action Team School teachers and I are making contact with all students by email, phone or Zoom,” Coulter said.

She said materials from AMI Packet 2 should be returned to the CATS campus by April 20. A red container will be available at the campus entrance for packet returns.