Virtual academy video package offered

HOPE – A series of videos and other information for Hope Public Schools parents whose students who have elected to begin school in the HPS Hope from Home Virtual Academy is now available.

HPS Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart said today after duplications were removed from registrations a total of 950 students have enrolled in the virtual academy to begin school on Aug. 24.

“We are thrilled to have this number of students enrolled in our virtual program,” Dr. Hart said. “We are working hard to make sure all of our students receive superior quality instruction regardless of on-site or virtual status.”

The video package offers five groups of videos, including:

--Grade level informational videos about the Lincoln Learning virtual application students will use for academic work.

--Student “help” video for Lincoln Learning and assistance video on BUZZ.

--“How to” videos on navigation of BUZZ, locating courses and features for students.

--Course content videos on key course navigation points.

--Course assessment videos.

Students will be issued a device for virtual academics, and are advised to contact their campus office and return the device to their campus if repairs are needed. Devices should be maintained by cleaning with a water dampened cloth. Chemical cleaners are harmful to devices. Devices should also be stored and carried in the backpack which will be provided with the device.

Campus contact information includes:

--Clinton Primary School, 870-722-2723.

--Beryl Henry Elementary School, 870-777-6222.

--Hope Academy of Public Service, 870-777-3454.

--Yerger Middle School, 870-722-2781.

--Hope High School, 870-777-3451.

Lincoln Learning videos for parents and students, including: Kindergarten - 2nd grade; 3rd grade - 5th grade; 6th grade - 8th grade; and 9th grade - 12th grade.

Student videos, including: Student help for Lincoln Learning and Student Assistance in BUZZ.

Navigation "How To" videos, including:

Course content videos, including:

Assessment videos, including: