2023 mar and april supt awards

On April 17, 2023, Dr. Crossley handed out Superintendent's Awards for both March and April. Below are the pictures and names of all the recipients. Congratulations to each of these folks who help make a difference in Hope Public Schools! 

Note: not all recipients attended the ceremony, so those not attending did not have their picture made.

Marichuy Dominguez
Brett Rodden
Tina Smith
Misty Bracken
Ivan Smith
Ella Lafferty
Margaret Maclaughlin
Jocelyn Balagot
Marcia Widel
Terri James
Wyatt Wilcox
LaDonna Samuels
Shawn Ray
Lauri Mathis
Farmers’ Bank
Andrew Williams, Jr.
Andrew Williams
Sandra Rhone
Linda Clark
Rep. Danny Watson
Brydarius Grissom
Casey Schoenberger
Sheila Hopson
Kenyetta Vaughn
Nathaniel Holyfield and Kenneth Muldrew
Kendra Johnson
Oscar Ruiz
Kelly Williamson
Socorro Henley
Farmers Bank
Lydia Harrison
Britney Stinson-Bostic
Shari Smith
Carlos VanHook
Pairs & Spares at FUMC
Nathalie Garcia
Patricia Morales Borboa
Marilyn Marks
Linda Dunn
Sandy & John Henley
Amiria Booker
LaDonna Samuels
Kirby Bradley
Dorothy Pree
First United Methodist
Marlon Ward
Autumn Flenory
Latonya Bradley
Nicholle Godwin
Noel Cheatham
Angela Cautuene
Michelle Lloyd
Doreen Banks
Diamond State Bank
Avery Gant
Mary Gant
Jackie Whitney
Yrais Flores
Becky Hunter
Officer Dean

#GoBobcats #ALLIN