HOPE – The parental involvement initiative of the Hope Public School District took center stage Monday night before the Hope Public Schools Board as the district honored 20 parents across four campuses and one districtwide program for their contributions to student success.

“We want to thank these parents for helping to make their students, and all our students, successful,” Hope Superintendent Bobby Hart noted.

Board President Joe Short echoed Hart’s sentiment, adding that the time which parents contribute to their involvement on each campus is not only valued by the district, but serves to encourage other parents to participate.

Parental Involvement Awards were presented by each campus principal or representative, recognizing the family and the student or students of each parent.

Clinton Primary School Principal Ashlea Stewart recognized eight parents of students from kindergarten through fourth grade from the CPS campus, including:

Kindergarten – Samuel Warren, parent of Anaiah Warren, and Guadalupe Cardona, parent of Joseph Cardona.

First grade – Sandra White, parent of Beamya White.

Second grade – Kenneth White, parent of Kyson White, and Israel Perdes, parent of Rosita Paredes.

Third grade – Rodney Phillips, parent of Kennedy Phillips and Madison Phillips.

Fourth grade – LaDonna Samuel, parent of Mason Samuel, and Mindy Lockhart, parent of Lane Lockhart.

Beryl Henry Elementary School Principal Dr. Roy Turner recognized four parents of students from the fifth/sixth grade campus, including: Missy Bobo, parent of Kaylee Johnson; Miguel Garcia, parent of Emily Garcia; Ava Brown, parent of Mika Brown; and Alan Flenory, parent of Chandler Flenory and Alana Flenory.

Yerger Middle School Parental Involvement Coordinator Shirley Miller presented awards to three parents of students in grades seven and eight, including: Signe Davis, parent of William “Darton” Davis; Benigno Sanchez, parent of Uriel Sanchez and Isai Sanchez; and Tephanie Johnson, parent of Alicea Gilmore.

Hope High School Parental Involvement Coordinator Janet Banister and FFA Advisor Christina Smith presented awards to three parents of HHS students, including: Wesley Schobey, parent of Spencer Collins; Sheba Smith, parent of Kiaura Smith and Lydia Smith; and Rachel Green, parent of Dana Green.

21st Century Learning Center Parent Coordinator Rosalyn Dennis presented awards to two parents of students in the program, including: Yasmin Morgan, parent of Biessen Ward and Otis Ward, and Michael Clark, parent of Michaela Clark.

Ira Love is the parental involvement coordinator for the district.

(See photos on HPS Facebook page.)