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Hope Public Schools offers Birth-to-School assistance to new parents, provides Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics programs at ALL campuses for ALL students, and provides a choice of curricular pathways for High Schools students leading to college and career readiness, early college degrees and/or trade certifications.

Choose Your Middle School!

Beryl Henry (5-6), HAPS (5-8), and Yerger (7-8) each offer a variety of educational choices for your Middle School student! Click on the "Magnet Brochure" to see the opportunities we're bringing to ALL students at Hope Public Schools.

Below, choose either the English School Choice Form (left) or the Spanish School Choice Form (right)

Below, choose either the English Magnet School Form (left) or the Spanish Magnet School Form (right)

English School Choice Form

school choice english form

Spanish School Choice Form

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English Magnet School Form

magent choice english form

Spanish Magnet School Form

spanish version coming soon

magnet brochure

The following are the admissions criteria for the Hope Public School District magnet programs:

Admission to magnet schools or magnet programs within schools must comply with general requirements of Hope Public School District. Student(s) must be currently enrolled in the Hope Public School District or participating in school choice to enter the District. Enrollment requires completing a Magnet Enrollment Application (link appears later in this notice). Should more students seek enrollment at one or more campuses than capacity allows, a lottery will be held to determine which school students will attend. The results of such a lottery are final.

Beryl Henry Elementary School (5-6 Grades) -Transforming students into scholars, this STEAM school uses research and hands-on learning experiences to integrate visual arts and performing arts expos, theatre productions, and real world experiences into the everyday curriculum. This school prioritizes giving “every child, every chance, every day” and has a partnership with the Southwest Arkansas Arts Council. BHE is culturally rich and arts infused to engage the whole child in active learning.

Hope Academy of Public Service (5-8 Grades) - Building on a legacy of public service and community involvement, this campus will expand to offer exposure to careers through opportunities such as broadcasting, citizenship, government, and humanities. This campus has a partnership with the Clinton School of Public Service based in Little Rock, AR. HAPS will be a communication hub preparing students to be globally-minded leaders.

Yerger Middle School (7-8 Grades) - Yerger redefines the possibilities for math and science education by providing real world hands-on learning. This campus will also infuse music and the arts in project-based units. Students will explore new avenues of STEM opportunities with robotics and computer science. YMS students will be preparing for the careers of tomorrow while working with cutting edge technologies today. This campus has a partnership with the Yerger Alumni Museum and the SW Arkansas Arts Council.

If a student/family is content with their current placement for next year they do not need to do anything at this point? We only need to hear from 2023-2024 5th graders or 2023-2024 6-8 graders who want a change of campus.

Enrollment in the magnet program must be completed and returned to Hope Public School District before June 5, 2023.

Please download, print, and fill out the appropriate form located at or stop by any of the schools listed above for a form.

All questions should be directed to Dr. Carol Ann Duke at