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Hope Public Schools offers Birth-to-School assistance to new parents, provides Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics programs at ALL campuses for ALL students, and provides a choice of curricular pathways for High Schools students leading to college and career readiness, early college degrees and/or trade certifications.

Choose Your Middle School!

Beryl Henry (5-6), HAPS (5-8), and Yerger (7-8) each offer a variety of educational choices for your Middle School student! Click on the "Magnet Brochure" to see the opportunities we're bringing to ALL students at Hope Public Schools.

Below, choose either the English School Choice Form (left) or the Spanish School Choice Form (right)

Below, choose either the English Magnet School Form (left) or the Spanish Magnet School Form (right)

English School Choice Form

school choice english form

Spanish School Choice Form

spanish version coming soon

English Magnet School Form

magent choice english form

Spanish Magnet School Form

spanish version coming soon

magnet brochure