4th Grade Rock Paper Scissors Competition

Fourth grade students at Clinton Primary read the story, The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors last week. Reading classes reviewed skills including; setting, character development and problem and solution. Reading teachers Kristi Robbins and Mandy Bush also took the opportunity to lead their classes in conversations about friendships, learning from your losses, good sportsmanship, being challenged (in a good way) by those around you, using our own talents to shine, and allowing others to do the same, and also celebrating victories. 


To wrap up the week, students from each class battled their classmates in a Rock Paper Scissors competition. During the competition students that were eliminated from the battle took on the role of cheering for their classmates still competing. Needless to say, it was a week of fun and learning.


Rock Paper Scissors Class Winners:
Ms. Cole-Keionah Stuard
Ms. Robbins-Briza Fraire
Mrs. Burke- Dareli Cabriales
Mrs. Walton-Marlon Vareta
Mrs. Bush-Clinton Phillips
Ms. Currie-Jaden Henderson
Mrs. Ghormley- My'Kell Gaines
Mrs. Waggoner-Zayvion Stuard

The overall winner was Clinton Phillips! Congratulations!!

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