cps food needs

Current Needs in the CPS Food Pantry/Clothing Closet 

  1. Microwaveable individual meals-(i.e. ravioli, spaghetti, soup, etc.)

  2. Individually wrapped snack foods-(i.e. chips, cookies, granola bars, etc.)

  3. Juice boxes-(7oz. portion works best)

  4. Water-(8 oz. works best for our small packages to take home)

  5. Small individual portions of cereal/toaster pastries/oatmeal or breakfast type foods

  6. Vienna sausages

  7. Individually wrapped meat sticks

  8. Peanut butter/cheese crackers in wrapped portions

  9. Peanut butter in individual serving sizes (i.e. Jif to go)

  10. Gelatin/Pudding/Fruit cups (individual serving size)

  11. Small individual packages of crackers 

Clothing Needs & Etc.

  1. Backpacks

  2. Reusable plastic water bottles (8-16 oz. preferred)

  3. Boys size small/medium (6-10) track/jogging pants Urgently need sizes 8-12 

  4. Boys size large/x-large (12-16) track/jogging pants

  5. Boys/Mens shoes sizes 11 youth-Mens 10 (greater number of smaller sizes 11-4 and fewer of the 5-10 mens)

  6. Girls/Womens shoes sizes 10 youth-Womens 10 (greater number of the smaller sizes 10-6 and fewer of the 7-10 womens)

  7. Personal care items in small (travel) sizes: toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant/antiperspirant, shampoo, conditioner,& soap/body wash