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Congratulations to the Cross Country Bobcats on a great showing this past Saturday at the Taylor Wade Invitational!

Jr. High Boys - 1st Place
Sr. High Girls - 2nd Place
Sr. HIgh Boys - 3rd Place

Medalists - 

Jr. High Boys - Nathan Sanchez - 1st overall
Sr. HIgh Girls - Madelyne Maclaughlin - 5th place, Brianna Maclaughlin - 9th place
Sr. High Boys - Brian Jiminez - 5th place

Notable Performances - 

Jr. High Boys - Jose Juanes, Bradley Brown, and Dylan Mercado - Top 20 Finish
Jr. High Girls - Sophia Johnson - 16th place
Sr. High Girls - Miracle Martinez, Audrey Mercado, Ari Juanes - Top 25 Finish
Sr. HIgh Boys - Aniell Felipe - 12th Place,  Reynaldo Retana and Kevin Lozano - Top 25 Finish