super sub feb 28

Today, Wednesday Feb 28, Dr. Crossley spent the morning serving as a SUPER SUB for Cherlyn Brandon in Pre-K! From making turtle art to eating lunch and getting in a LOT of exercise on the playground, Dr. Crossley had a great time!

On the playground, Dr. Crossley led students on a walk/run around the play area, spent some time playing on the slide, and singing "Wheels on the Bus" while students enjoyed a ROCKING time on the bus equipment.

The students and staff eventually "arrested" poor Dr. Crossley and sent him to "playground jail" for being rowdy. He was released after a short time, though, and then led the students back to class.

Heading back into the classroom after playground time, Dr. Crossley said, “The spirit and enthusiasm of Pre-K should run through our entire district. We as adults, and as a community, should all spend time connecting to our younger selves - ready and hopeful for the future!

dr crossly eats lunch with prekprek gathers around teacherdr crossley cleans lunch traysgetting exerciseplaying on slidesliding downwheels on the busplayground arrestplayground jailback to class#GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture