Bobcat News

HOPE – The Creative Action Team School campus graduated 22 senior students with the HHS Class of 2022 in ceremonies on the CATS campus May 12.

CATS graduates included HUB Seniors Jonathan Aguilar, Gian Almazan, Christian Calderon, Aldair Cardova, Crystal Cordova, Nakenya Ellison, Obel Hernandez, Osiel Hernandez, Julian Lara, Mariah Martin, Carla Mendoza, Ilesha Morris, Cortez Rhodes, Eduardo Rodriguez, Erick Rodriguez, Leslie Rodriguez, Brandi Sanders, Joshua Smith, Merlyn Wahyudi, Zakarreya White, Thalia Zarate, and ALE Senior Michael Nelson.

Hope Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Crossley said the CATS graduates have “broken free” from obstacles that were put into their paths.

Dr. Crossley illustrated the point by noting that elephants are gigantic but traditionally have been trained to believe in their limitations by being tethered to a stake as calves and growing to maturity always tethered to a stake, never realizing their capability is greater than their limitation.

“You have broken free from that stake,” Crossley said.

CATS Campus Supervisor Cleytus Coulter said the ceremony marked a milestone in a collaborative effort that has been each student’s education. Coulter said CATS will always remain a resource its graduates can depend upon.

The graduates were also congratulated by Rusty Manning, Area Supervisor of the Arch Ford Alternative Learning Center, under which the CATS campus operates, and a musical selection “I Believe I Can Fly” was rendered by HPS teacher Iniel Thornton after the official presentation of candidates for graduation by CATS HUB Coordinator Billy Rook.