board meeting oct 17

Regular Board Meeting Agenda 

Hope Public Schools 

High School 

117 East 2nd Street 

Hope, AR 71801 

Vision: World class students, World class learning, World class citizens 

Mission: To provide ALL students a quality education through the collaborative efforts of the schools, families, and all stakeholders to create productive citizens in our ever changing society. 

Monday, October 17, 2022 05:30 PM 

(1) Call to Order 

(2) Reports 

(2.a) Approval of Minutes (Action)

(2.b) Approval of Expenditures (Action) 

(2.c) Superintendent's Report 

(2.c.1) Superintendent Recognitions and Awards (Action)

(3) Unfinished Business 

(4) New Business 

(4.a) Certified Salary Schedules with Master's Degree Changes (Action) 

(5) Other 

(5.a) Dissertation Data Request (Action)

(6) Personnel