Today, June 20, HAPS 8th Grader Lucero Arroyo got to show Hope’s very own Ketty Lester the quilted portrait she created this spring. Ketty loved seeing the quilt and was able to autograph it as well. Lucero also was able to meet Kerry’s cousin, Maye Farr. #GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture
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arroyo and lester
ketty lester autograph on quilt
arroyo with lester and quilt
It's Here!! Today (June 20) marks the official start of SUMMER! Hope everyone has a safe, fun summer! #GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture
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first day of summer
Hope Public Schools offices are closed today, June 19, in observance of Juneteenth.
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closed for juneteenth
It's National Fishing Day (June 18)! Grab your gear and head out to the pond, the lake, or the river and enjoy a day of reelin' 'em in! #GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture
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fishing day
It's National Mascot Day (June 17)! Celebrate the #BOBCATS today and every day! #GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture
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mascot day
It's Flag Day! Every year on June 14, America celebrates the national flag. It honors the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777. Thirteen stripes represent the original 13 states and there is one star for each official state in the country!
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flag day
Help us celebrate our Career Nursing Assistants at Hope Public Schools! June 13 is National Career Nursing Assistant's Day and we can't thank our team enough for the hard work they put in to make sure our students and staff are healthy and safe!
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nurse asst day
It's Peanut Butter Cookie Day! June 12 each year celebrates this treat. How do you like your peanut butter cookies? Old fashioned with fork marks? In a sandwich style cookie? Perhaps with a chocolate treat placed on top! Let us know!
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peanut butter cookie day
It's almost time!! Be sure to get your child signed up for Summer Youth Football Camp!!
9 days ago, Hope Public Schools
youth football camp
Hope educators are preparing for the 2024-2025 school year. Robin Cornet with NIET has worked with Instructional Facilitators to develop unit plans. We are excited! #HopeForTheFuture. #AllIN
9 days ago, Carla Narlesky
Unit Planning
Principal Kimberly Dunham and Assistant Principals Jeffery Burton and Teresa James are working in the front office of Hope High School during summer school. It's a great day to be a Bobcat!!! We Are All In!!! #GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture
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hhs principals at work in summer
Tuesday June 11 is National Corn on the Cob Day! There are many different ways to chomp down on some delicious corn on the cob! Share your favorite family recipes!
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corn on cob day
Today (Monday June 10) is National Iced Tea Day! So, how do you like your tea? Sweet? Unsweet? Flavored? Let us know how you cool off in the summer heat!
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iced tea day
June 7 (the first Friday in June) marks the celebration of a delicious combination of treats! It is both National Chocolate Ice Cream Day *AND* it is National Donut Day! Go out and celebrate with either one or BOTH! How about a donut ice cream sandwich!?
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donuts and ice cream
ATTENTION: 2017-2018 Special Education Records will be destroyed this summer. If you have records from those dates and would like to have them please contact Lynn Kimbell at the Administration Building before July 15, 2024.
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records to be destroyed
June 6 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day. On this day in 1944, military forces from the United States, Britain, Canada, and France joined together to fight the German military who had taken over the coast of Normandy. It was (and still is) the largest amphibious invasion in military history. Approximately 2500 Americans lost their lives in the operation that would ultimately be victorious and lead to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Hope Public Schools honors and remembers those who served.
15 days ago, Hope Public Schools
80th anniversary of d-day
Incoming 5th grade students: If you did not attend 5th grade Orientation and have not filled out your class selection for your electives, you may do so by coming by Beryl Henry Elementary this week or next week. If you do not have one filled out, BHE will choose your electives for you.
15 days ago, Hope Public Schools
incoming students to bhe
The first Wednesday in June is Global Running Day! Whether it's in the dew of the morning sunrise or the cool of the evening sunset, grab a Bobcat friend and go out for a quick run! #GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture
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world running day
Today is National "Hug Your Cat Day!" So, whether you have a kitty at home or you have a Bobcat student at home, give 'em a BIG HUG today! #GoBobcats #ALLIN #HopeForTheFuture
16 days ago, Hope Public Schools
child hugging bobcat in clipart style
Attention BHE Parents: If your student has a missing jacket, stop by BHE and check with the main office. You may also stop and get your report card if you have not done it yet. On Thursday, June 6th, stop by for a popsicle, chips, and a book from 12pm - 2pm!
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bhe news